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Sensitive Massage

Sensitive MassageTantric

Tantric Alone - Amrit Alone - Sweet Alone
Erotic Massage

Special InteractiveTantric

Carpe Diem - Four Hands - Nudist Massage
Water Massage

Erotic Water MassageSexy

Humid - Humid Gold - Hunid Carpe Diem
Prostatic Massage

Prostate MassageExtreme

Special Prostatic massage - Cosmic Shake Massage

Luxury, beauty & passion

Brimming with true essence of femininity and sophistication, all have been blessed with beautiful minds, gentle manners as well as amazing beauty. They execute the massages with creativity, elegance and consideration.Our tantric masseuses have been carefully chosen for their playful and flirtatious charm, warmth and sparkling personality.

We have a real and updated portfolio of our therapists, because we understand that our customers have a specific preference on who will perform the massage. In addition, we also keep a strict level of confidentiality.

Our erotic masseuses in Barcelona are an explosive taste of simplicity and feminine sophistication. They have the skin deliciously smooth and velvety, the highest expression of femininity. We distinguish ourselves by offering an exclusive luxury massage for discerning customers. Know them.


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Frequent Questions and Answers

What is Tantra?

The word “Tantra” derives from Sanskrit,the ancient instruction language of India. It signifies an art form where the mind and it’s objective interface in spiritual union. In physical experience, the objective is an interface between sexual and spiritual union. The Tantra is a spiritual way to enlightenment that is denied or rejected by the majority of religions and spiritual movements. It does not repress sexual union, but encouragers its practitioners to release sexual energy without shame. In the Tantra, the body is the base for the emotional mental and spiritual development.


Tantra allows for a better knowledge of the body in order to spiritually develop our sentiments. Inside this scheme tantric sexuality is a tool to be more aware about sex, making it a central element to our spiritual life, a process to bring wellness and personal growth and fulfillment through pleasure.


What is a Tantric massage?

Tantric massage has a history of use going back more than 5000 years and traditionally has the use of increasing the potency of our sensual and erotic capacity. Further than this, a Tantric massage stimulates the chakras (our sensual energy centers) so that endorphins are released and this increases all the energy level flowing through the body.


All erotic and Tantric massages could finish in orgasm.

The Tantric massage is erotic and could cause orgasm, however, sex is not the principle objective of tantric massage. The key component of a good tantric massage is to increase the energy level in all the body.

Tantric massage does not involve a sexual reationship and in our massage centers we make no completions of this nature. The original tantric massage is without orgasm but brings an effect very exciting and energizing. However, our clients can be swayed by feelings of bodily arousal through massage and this stimulation can cause a natural orgasm.


The Alone Tantric Massage is a happy ending massage?

All massages on our menu are applied to the total body in an integral and natural way, including the erogenous and intimate zones. The natural stimulation of a lingam massage for instance can lead to an exiting and happy ending.


What is a Lingam massage?

In tantric massage the male sexual organ is known as the Lingam (wand of light) and the female genitalia is known as the Yoni (sacred space or temple). A lingam massage is a massage of the male genital organ.


Do I need to be naked? Will the massagers be naked?

It is not necessary to be naked for a tantric massage, but it is recommended if you want to get the full experience.

For all massages on our menu that are given in our spa, NATURAL DELUXE, DOUBLE CLIMAX, NURU MASSAGE AND CARPE DEUM, all massagers are naked.


What is the difference between a Sensual Massage and an Erotic Massage?

The sensual massages are receptive and the Tantric Massages are interactive, with erotically charged power all over, including stimulation of the erotic zones.


The receptive sensual massages are designed for you to enjoy touch on your skin in a sensually receptive manner. Learning to feel and experience touch is the essence of this type of massage.


The interactive tantric massage is a full length body to body massage endowed with a lot of kundalini sexual energy. Most of the positions are positions of karmasutra, so you have to be willing to participate interactively during this massage.


What are the massage benefits?

Our massage objective is to give an emotional and physical relaxation with warm and good energy.

  • Obtain a deep sense of well-being. Tantric Massage relaxes your mind to be open to a world of sensations. In a Tantric Massage you will experience the capacity to receive deep relaxation of body and mind.
  • Tantric Massage helps you to abandon yourself to sensations in a way that normally would cost a lot of effort to achieve in the dynamics in which we are daily immersed.
  • Tantric Massage will enable you to experience body reactions of which you were unaware.
  • Tantric Massage will give you a feeling like no other, of not thinking about what to do.
  • Tantric Massage and erotic massage can help you eliminate physical and emotional blockages following back to a fulfilling sex life.
  • The fundamental component of a tantric massage is increased energy levels throughout the body.
  • Tantric massage stimulates the potential for sensory perception.
  • Tantric massage provides a sense of peace,so regularizing the heart beat and achieving lower blood pressure.
  • The massage stimulates the circulation and oxygenation of blood and stimulates the circulation of lymph tissues that remove toxins.
  • During tantric massage the body releases endorphins, which provides a sense of comfort and pain relief.
  • Stress relief is achieved, stress related chemicals such as norepinephrine and cortisol are reduced.
  • Tantric massage helps to stimulate the glandular system which stabilizes hormones.
  • Tantric massage helps eliminate tensions and contractions.

How to develop a session.

The person, or couple, who call us or arrive at one of our massage centers in Barcelona or Ibiza chooses the type of massage service they wish to receive (sensitive,, tantric, prostatic, receptive or interactive, on bed, litter, futon or Spa, etc,) and which masseuse you want to massage you.

If you do not know what kind of massage you want at Alone Tantric massage we can advise on function according to your needs. If necessary we can show the simple physical techniques of breathing so as to raise your fellings to achieve a greater sense of pleasure.

The duration of the session can be from half an hour to two hours.


Why are these massages called Tantric? What is the difference between Alone Tantric Massage and other erotic massages?

There are a lot of types of erotic massage, basically the difference is that Tantric Massage is to give all over sensitive contact. The key is that the principle of finality is not to have an orgasm but to enjoy your body throughout the massage process because the pleasure is not only focused on the genital area. Erotic massage is the perfect way to break the pattern of sex we usually have in our heads. Erotic massage is dedicated to the abandonment of control and a focus on feelings of receiving.


Group Services

We perform massages for groups, bachelor parties, birthday parties or other celebrations,on requirement we can supply catering, beverages, etc. Our centers have the capacity for large groups of people and we have excellent facilities, such as a center with Jaccuzi spa, steam baths, chromotherapy, light therapy, rooms with en suite bathrooms,chillout space, music, videos, etc. Call us and tell us what you need.


Can I touch the masseuses?

In our menu you will find two types of massage, receptive and interactive. In the interactive massages you are allowed to touch the masseuse. To be sure please enquire when booking your massage session.


Can I pay with a credit card?

Our facilities allow payment by credit card.


Age Limit

You must be 18 years or older to book an erotic or tantric massage.


Do we provide hotel service?

Hotel services are available in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and in Ibiza.